We help a large group of patients with anxiety about dental treatments at our practice. We provide a calm environment and friendly service. All procedures are explained prior to the treatment. We also allocate extra time for those patients that experience nervousness.
We offer various technologies to help you feel as comfortable as possible during your visits with us.

These include Local anaesthetic, Happy Gas (Nitrous Oxide), Sleep Dentistry (I.V Sedation) and Rubber Dam.

Local Anaesthetic

We offer a range of Local Anaesthetic to suite different individuals depending on the complexity of your medical history or the number of medication you are currently taking. Also we offer long or shorter acting anaesthetic to stop you from experiencing numbness for hour after your treatment.

Happy Gas

Happy/ Laughing gas can be offer at the beginning of treatment to help you relax and calm your mood.
It is absolutely safe and the effect stops with a few deep breath of fresh air. The gas exits the body within 12-24 hours.

Rubber Dam

A dental dam is used when putting fillings into teeth or during Root Canal Therapy. They are thin squares of latex rubber. Silicone versions are available for those with latex allergies. Rubber Dam allows you to relax without having water rushing to the back of your throat during treatment while a plastic block keeps your mouth open allowing you to relax.

I.V sedation

I.V Sedation also known as Sleep Dentistry is a good way to tackle complex and lengthy treatments for anxious patients. We offer Sleep dentistry as an option to all our patients who are aged 12 years and over.  If you would like to know more about sleep dentistry or find out how we can accommodate your needs please call us on 02 9363 5690.