We are glad you are one of the people who take the initiative to invest in their health. We would like to welcome you to our community at Woollahra Dental Practice and thank you for letting us be a part of your journey. It is important to note that this is your journey and we are here to help you through it by guiding you in the right directions to the best of our ability.

From the moment you walk through our doors you will feel welcomed and relaxed. Our friendly staff will look after you with upmost care and make your visit a comfortable and memorable one.


Initial appointment for Ortho-Postural Dentistry (OPD)

All new patients will spend 60 minutes with Dr. Ancell. During this appointment Dr Ancell will;
Explain the philosophy and aims of OPD
Record Dental and general history
Review Sign and symptoms
Perform Neuro Postural motor reflex testing
Advise what treatment would be most suitable for your individual case.

Initial Orthodontic and Invisalign appointments

This appointment is 60 minutes long and during this appointment Dr. Ancell will;
Evaluate if there is an orthodontic need to be addressed.
Explain the Orofacial Orthopaedics.
Explain the benefits of early treatment.
Describe the relationship between OPD and orthodontic during treatment to reach best aesthetic and health outcome.
Advise you on cost and payment options.
Organise an appointment to take records.

Initial General and Cosmetic appointment

All New patients will spend 45 minutes with one of our other dentist at our practice. During this time we will;
Check and update your medical history.
Assess your periodontal tissue.
Evaluate your existing restorations for proper fit function and aesthetics.
Evaluate possible cosmetic enhancements of your smile.
Examine and screen for oral cancer.
 Refer you to specialists for specific treatment if necessary.
 Tendon, muscle ligament and gland palpation.
Develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

Initial Preventive and oral health appointment

All new patients will spend 60 minutes with one of our Hygienist. During this time;
Periodontal (gum) health will be evaluated and recorded.
Removal of calculus (tarter) build up by teeth scaling.
Polish your teeth and remove any staining.
Provide education about important of gum health on general and cardio vascular health.
Provide home care instructions tailored to your individual needs.
Share relative information with the Dentist.