Dr Anthony Ancell - Principle Dentist

Since leaving Sydney University as a dentist in 1980 I have had an incredible journey in my profession. The realisation of how important dentistry can be has had a huge impact on my enjoyment. We are the gateway to Respiration, Mastication/ Nutrition, Communication (Speech and facial expression). We are also intimately connected to postural control in the body. This is my prime area of interest.

Dr Olga Palma - Dentist

I have finished my dentistry degree in Colombia in 2002, and completed further studies in cosmetic dentistry then after. I am passionate about everything I do and recognise the importance of high quality standards in the treatments provided and patient satisfaction.  I always strive to provide treatments for my patients to the best of my ability and put my patient’s best interest first. I enjoy spending time with family and friends when not at work.

Mr Shayan Eighani – Dental Hygienist

I have graduated with a Bachelor of Oral health degree from University of Newcastle in 2010. I have worked as a Dental Hygienist in both general and orthodontic fields in dentistry, and always yearned towards a conservative and holistic approach. I try to make every appointment as comfortable and gentle as possible for all our patients.

Mrs Hee Jeong – Dental Hygienist

I was a senior Hygienist in South Korea before moving to Australia where I have done my bridging course at Adelaide University in 2002. I have worked as a hygienist in general practice since then. I have two wonderful daughters and am very involved with my family.

Tanya –Receptionist

I have been in the dental industry for the past 25 years with both clinical and administration roles. I enjoy helping our patients and face to face conversations. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my three boys.

Daisy- Receptionist

I have been at Woollahra dental practice for the past 16 years. I like looking after patients with their treatment needs.

Fiona – Receptionist

I have been at Woollahra dental practice for the past five years. I enjoy my role very much and like getting to know our patients. When not at work I enjoy a game of bridge or spend time with my grandchildren.