When a person’s teeth or jaw structures do not function properly, the body compensates in order to survive. However this leads to many other potential problems such as increase risk of injury to jaws and teeth, chronic head aches, sore jaws, malocclusion (bad bite) and excessive and premature wear of your teeth.

Orthodontic treatment addresses many of these issues and aids in treatment of;
  • Tempromandibular joints (Jaw joints) dysfunction.
  • Chronic head/ neck pain.
  • Improves intraoral volume to ease breathing and tongue posture.
  • Reconstructing the bite.
  • Improves aesthetics of your smile.
Orthodontic treatment can be achieved through many different ways to suite your lifestyle. Please feel free to Ask Dr. Ancell any questions that you may have if you think you experience any of above.

Bite reconstruction

When teeth are lost or can’t be replaced, they start to wear down. Chipped and shortened teeth can compromise the face. These effects result in aging. Bite reconstruction or full mouth reconstruction is a dental treatment to improve patient's bite and the jaw position.

The dentist builds up or replaces the teeth to improve the appearance of the face and provide harmony between the jaw and bite. If you have worn, broken, decayed or missing teeth, or if you suffer from a bad bite and the appearance of the entire smile is letting you down, then arrange an appointment for one of our dentists to discuss your options.

Teeth clenching and grinding

Teeth clenching and grinding are a particular focus at our practice. Clenching and grinding can have many underlying causes such as stress and they increase your risk of damaging your teeth.

Many individuals who clench and grind their teeth are completely unaware of their habits. If you would like to know more about signs and risks of clenching and grinding asks one of friendly dentists at your next visit.